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Large group of bright and pastel fully rooted succulents, shipped bare root (no pot). Includes California Sunset Graptosedum, Blue Giant Graptosedum, Golden Sedum, Blue Pearl Pachyveria, Firestorm Sedum, and Mother of Pearl Graptopetalum Paraguayense. Group spreads approx. 7" wide and 4-5" tall from soil line. Plant them in separate pots, or put them together in one 6" container. All the colorful sedum you want in one affordable box! Full care instructions are included in the package.


Care instructions: Please give your succulents at least 6 hours of direct natural light per day. Replant in cactus soil and water sparingly when soil is completely dry. Don't overwater or allow plants to freeze.


Ships USPS Priority Mail. If you live in an area where the temperature is below freezing, please be advised that I cannot replace plants shipped to you if they freeze. Purchasing the $1 winter wrap will protect them from freezing temperatures in transit.


I'm very sorry, but due to inspections requirements for soil I am unable to ship these plants to Hawaii, please order clippings instead.

Group of Colorful Live Rooted Succulent Plants in Bright Colors

$34.50 Regular Price
$32.43Sale Price