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Contemporary concrete bowl filled with beautiful colorful succulents; a perfect centerpiece for a table or patio. Container size is 13" x 13" x 5" tall. Care sheet will be sent with arrangement.


Please let me know if this is a gift, and leave a message for the gift card included in the package.


In your cart, select "Discounted Priority" in the shipping cost box for discounted shipping.


Ships USPS Priority Mail. If you live in an area where the temperature is below freezing, please be advised that I cannot replace plants shipped to you if they freeze. Purchasing the $1 winter wrap will protect them from freezing temperatures in transit.


Care instructions: Please give your succulents at least 6 hours of direct natural light per day. Water sparingly when soil is completely dry. Don't overwater or allow plants to freeze.

Extra LARGE "All Green" Live Succulent Arrangement in Contemporary Cement B

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$183.30Sale Price