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50 colorful succulent cuttings. You will receive a large variety, including graptosedum, crassula, aeonium, sedeveria, sedum, jade, kalanchoe, pachyveria, senecio, graptoveria and echeveria, ranging between 1-3 inches in size. I will include as much color as possible, but please remember that color is seasonal, so it comes and goes depending on the season and weather. A succulent cuttings instructions sheet is included in each order.


Ships USPS Priority Mail. If you live in an area where the temperature is below freezing, please be advised that I cannot replace plants shipped to you if they freeze. Purchasing the $1 winter wrap will protect them from freezing temperatures in transit.


Care instructions: Plant in succulent soil and give your succulents at least 6 hours of direct natural light. Water sparingly when soil is completely dry. Don't overwater or allow plants to freeze.

50 Succulent Cuttings, Succulent Cuttings

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